They were created by dragons. Now they are needed to keep dragons from becoming lost forever.


Humans were once enslaved by dragons. Then the oldest race of dragons decided to balance the scales by granting certain humans a portion of their power, creating the Intangibles.


Eklyptia is the planet on which the story of Intangible takes place. It is a planet with a mass that is twice that of Earth. It has a single continental land mass and several islands. The land extends from just south of the north pole to just south of the equator.

Eklyptia has two moons. One is about twice the mass of Earth’s moon, and the other is much smaller.


General Grey, Glacier Dragon

General Grey, Glacier Dragon

Dragons are highly intelligent, more so than humans. They speak and form societies, and often intermix with human and wolf society. They serve in the military at all levels. They sometimes carry human riders in open or enclosed cockpit-style saddles on their backs.

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